Published Writing

“Meet The Most Likely Republican 2016 Presidential Candidates” – Junkee, 31 March 2015
“Tony Abbott’s Problem Isn’t Trust, It’s Ridicule” – Junkee, 18 February 2015
“Climate, Mining and the Lucky Country” – Voiceworks #99
“It’s time to get serious on climate change” – G20 Watch, 19 November 2014
“Leaders need to think long-term” – G20 Watch, 16 November 2014
2013 Federal Election Campaign Coverage
– MamamiaAugust/September 2013
“How far do the National Rifle Association’s sights focus?” – The Punch, 13 March 2013
“Equal Under Law” – Voiceworks #91
“Open Season: The Australian Prime Ministership” – Meanjin, 2012
“The United Nations System: How Australia Can Punch Above Its Weight”e-IR, 7 August 2012


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